Want to Sell With Us?

If you have decided you would like to sell some of your luxury handbags, shoes, accessories, take a look at the most ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ below which should make things clearer.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Dress Agency, Consignment Agency or Preloved Boutique?
Worsley Dress Agency acts a ‘consignment agent’ for those who wish to sell their preloved, authentic, luxury designer items on your behalf. You send us your luxury goods and we’ll sell them for you, ensuring you get the best price and take a commission for our service.

What types of items can Worsley Dress Agency sell for me?
We specialise is selling preloved designer handbags, luggage, shoes, belts, scarves, wallets, purses, fine jewellery.
We also sell some designer womenswear including, tops, dresses, tracksuits, knitwear, eveningwear, occasion wear, jackets, coats, (inc leather& fur).
We do not sell suits, or separates (skirts/trousers/suit jackets).

What designer brands does the Worsley Dress Agency accept?
Please check our list of designer brands we sell.

What condition should my items be in?
We sell authentic new, preloved or vintage designer items. Preloved items such as handbags can be in anything from excellent to fair condition. By this we mean, undamaged, clean condition free from odours, noticable stains or marks.

In the case of a designer handbag we will accept for example an older Mulberry or Louis Vuitton handbag which may have obvious signs of regular wear but which have aged and darkened with character and charm. Items over ten years old and classed as vintage and we will accept vintage handbags, purses, wallets only.

However we cannot accept handbags with damage such as visible piping, splits in the leather, broken fastening or fittings etc.

The interior linings should be clean, odour free, they can have the odd marks or stain such as a pen marks but nothing significant.

It will help considerable if you have original or copies of receipts, authenticity cards, care cards, packaging regardless of the age of the bag or item you are wishing to sell.

In some cases we will be able to tell from the photographs whether your handbag might benefit from a visit to our handbag spa, visits can cost up to £75 but they will improve the overall interior and exterior look and condition of your bag and ultimately our ability to secure a good sale price for you. Spa costs can be deducted from the final amount owed to you.

In the case of shoes we will only accept lightly used designer shoes, sandals, trainers, boots. Shoes that have been worn just a few times, with no damage or excessive wear. Shoes such as Louboutin, Gina and Chanel sell very well. We cannot accept well worn or old fashioned, vintage style shoes.

In the case of womenswear, we accept seasonal items which compliment the season they are sent, we cater for all sizes, current styles but no more than 2 years old (unless rare expensive pieces from haute coutour labels) in good, clean condition, without stains, smells, marks, tears, splits, missing buttons, or broken fastenings. Labels, sizing and cleaning instructions must be in tact. Clothing must be dry cleaned and in a saleable condition.

How much commission does Worsley Dress Agency charge for selling my items?
We charge very competitive commission rates which range from 30% – 50% of the final sale price.

The commission we charge is based on varying factors, the value and brand of an item, the volume of items you wish to sell or actually sell over time, the more your sell with us the better the lower the commission we will charge. Our standard commission charge is 40%.

How can I start selling my designer preloved goods through Worsley Dress Agency?
Before we can sell for you, you must become a member of the Worsley Dress Agency, this is a simple online application process that takes a few minutes to complete.

Once accepted (within 24 hours) you will need to complete an online selling form listing the items you wish to sell and send this to us.

On receipt of this information one of our team will contact you directly to discuss the items and to gather further information about the items, this may include you sending photos of items or proof of authenticity etc. This is the first part of our selling approval process.

How does the approval process work?
As we have a valued reputation to uphold our approval process is rigorous. All goods need to be approved by our authentication team before we can sell them on your behalf.

Approval is conducted in two stages initially via email photographic inspection to ensure that all goods meet the selling standards set by Worsley Dress Agency.

The second stage requires the goods to be sent directly to us for a manual inspection by our team of trusted and experienced authenticators. This process usually takes 48 hours from receipt of goods.

Any goods that do not pass approval will be declined and returned. Some items maybe referred to the handbag spa for a makeover before they can be put on sale.

How do I send my items to Worsley Dress Agency?
After your goods have passed the initial approval stage they will need to be sent to us for a manual inspection. We recommend you post them to us by Royal mail next say delivery so that they are tracked and insured, or the goods can be dropped into our store in Worsley village by appointment only, please email to request an appointment to appointments@worsleydressagency@homail.co.uk

Alternatively if you live within a 50 mile radius of our store M28 2PD we can arrange to collect them, to arrange a collection please email collections@worsleydressagency@hotmail.co.uk

Can I get help selecting items to sell?
If you require assistance selecting items then why not book a wardrobe revamp. The service we provide will also benefit those wishing to de-clutter, refashion their wardrobes and modify their image.

How will I know when my items are sold?
We will notify you at the end of every month with a status update of any sales. How will I receive payment for my sold items?
We will pay you for any sold items within 30 working days of the completion of the sale. This is to allow for any returns. Monies will be paid by either Paypal, cheque or direct bank transfer.

What happens if my goods don’t sell? If your designer goods do not sell within the first six weeks we will review the agreed selling price and reduce it at your consent, or return it to you.

We suggest we keep items for up to a maximum of 3-4 months, after which if they have not sold we will return them to you, please note you will need to cover the cost of their safe return.

Alternatively, in some instances we offer to buy some items that have remained unsold at a reduced price if you would prefer not to have them returned to you.

My question is not listed here?
Please contact us by email if your question is not answered here.